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This is the part of the website where you learn about the business which is SmokinPhotos®. "Where customers become supporters™" - Michael J. Krifka

About the BusinessWhat is SmokinPhotos® and who is Michael J. Krifka

SmokinPhotos®, originally Michael J. Krifka Photography, was founded by Michael J. Krifka in January 2006 after a year of planning and building while living in Madison, WI and Glendale, AZ. The small business later moved to Tempe, AZ in late 2007 and was quickly renamed, SmokinPhotos®. This name still holds strong after a move to the state of Texas in December of 2011.

Since January 2006, more and more homes and businesses have found the photography to be something they enjoy day after day; something SmokinPhotos® is grateful for. Our customers are considered supporters to us. By hanging a photograph in their home or office, they are assisting disabled veterans. Visit the official Pups for Patriots Project™ for more information as to how our valuable customers become even more valuable supporters and how you can join the ranks.

GoalsWhy SmokinPhotos®...

SmokinPhotos® has a short history but is determined to stay around for years to come. With a love for photography and military, Michael J. Krifka's first goal is to have SmokinPhotos® become a portion of support disabled veterans receive from their fellow combat veterans. The second is a simple one, one in which creative and highly valued photography will be available at a realistic price to support the belief that photography is meant to be enjoyed by all and not treated as though it were for a select class of society. To have quality and creative photography all are not able to enjoy would simply take away from what SmokinPhotos® stands for. However, the belief that you get what you pay for is a belief not welcomed at SmokinPhotos®.

All prints are professionally printed and matted only after an order is placed. Each print is shipped to Michael J. Krifka and carefully inspected for all levels of quality before it is then delivered to the buyer. This combined practice not only guarantees quality but also demonstrates that the tried and trued form of customer service is alive and well at SmokinPhotos®. From the time you submit your order to delivery of the final product at your doorstep, the process usually takes only 4-7 business days.

Please see the Print Replacement Guarantee for further details.

Quotes to RememberSomething to live by...

"The camera is the least important element in photography.”

by: Julius Shulman, environmentalist / photographer

"The world is most blessed by men who do things, and not by men who merely talk about them.”

by: James Oliver, Rear Admiral / soldier / Governor

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October 21, 2010
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October 12, 2010
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What They Say... ?

quote   You guys should check them [SmokinPhotos®] out, awesome stuff and proceeds benefit America's VetDogs!"

by: America's VetDogs® - The Veteran's K-9 Corps®


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