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The Gallery

Welcome to the gallery. A place where assisting disabled veterans through providing top quality photography is priority... 100% of the net proceeds goes towards our injured American guardians through the Pups for Patriots Project™.

Fusion The act of joining two visions together...


Within Fusion, SmokinPhotos® brings color to images left otherwise without. A style that has become popular in recent years & something SmokinPhotos® has been doing since 2004.

Black & White Let the shadows do the talking...


This section provides black & white photographs that you can find in color throughout other sections of the gallery & some that are uncatorgorized. If you see something here you want in color then simply visit its respected section such as the "End of the Road" being found, in color, within the Nature section.

Eyes of a Soldier A nation through the eyes of a soldier...


The photography within Eyes of a Soldier have been taken within different countries, primarily Iraq, and hopefully illustrate what the media might miss. Not all pieces of work are for sale.

Nature We are all surrounded by nature, even when we forget...


Getting out into the world easier said than done for you? Forgetting what nature looks like... take a look inside & find it again.

Architecture Go ahead, put some architecture into your architecture...


Architecture captures the historical style of a time period to which it was created within. It is one of the favorites here at SmokinPhotos®.

City of Sin The strip that never sleeps...


What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas... unless you take photos. Step inside to see what didn't stay in Vegas; to include the often missed grave yard of years gone by.

Portraiture People of society...


Although you can find portraiture photography within other sections of the gallery, this section is home for uncategorized portraits.

This Section is Currently Empty

An Unusual Perspective Let your eyes trick you and enslave you...


Find here within the creative touch of SmokinPhotos®. You'll be forced to view light, contrast, color and shadows in a way not seen in other areas of the gallery. Besides the Fusion section, this is the only other section where the photography is deeply played with through the use of Photoshop® Elements.

Painted Patriots™ A project currently under production...


Currently in its infant state of planning, Painted Patriots™ will consist of multiple years of planning and execution to be completed. Get the latest updates as they become available here or at SmokinPhotos® on Facebook & Twitter.

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October 12, 2010
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What They Say... ?

quote   You guys should check them [SmokinPhotos®] out, awesome stuff and proceeds benefit America's VetDogs!"

by: America's VetDogs® - The Veteran's K-9 Corps®


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