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Original Print Replacement

Accidents happen... SmokinPhotos® will replace your damaged original print; no questions asked.

Details for One-Time Original Print Replacement

Confidence in the quality and durability is alive and well with the prints from SmokinPhotos®. With that comes a one-time replacement on all original prints bought from Fusion, Black & White, Eyes of a Soldier, Nature, Architecture, City of Sin, Portraiture or An Unusual Perspective. Although every print receives a professional mounting and protective coating (lustre or matte) before it reaches your hands, SmokinPhotos® realizes that life still happens.

With that said, if an original print you purchased from the above mentioned sections of SmokinPhotos® is ever damaged, contact SmokinPhotos® explaining your request for a one-time replacement print. The replacement print you receive will meet the exact dimensions and options of the one you originally purchased from SmokinPhotos®. There is no additional cost to you for this one-time replacement. However, the damaged original print must be mailed back to SmokinPhotos® before a replacement is sent. You will be reimbursed the cost of mailing the damaged original print back to SmokinPhotos® within 24 hours of it being received by SmokinPhotos®.

Whether you order one print or seven prints, each original print is covered by the one-time replacement plan from SmokinPhotos®. If the replacement print is damaged while in your possession anytime after, further replacements will have to be purchased from SmokinPhotos®.

Please contact SmokinPhotos® directly to receive the mailing address used for you to sending the damaged original print back.

Ways to Prevent DamageA little bit of advice...

  • Keep print(s) within protective packaging and in a cool / dry place until ready for framing.

  • Use a soft cloth to handle print(s) to ensure no oils are transferred to the print(s).

  • Never rub or brush print(s) with abrasive materials.

  • Use glass, UV or standard, when framing to provide an additional layer of protection from damaging rays.

  • Wrap framed print(s) with bubble wrap or a similar product when moving.

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