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This is the current home for the official SmokinPhotos® Pups for Patriots Project™. "Assisting disabled veterans, one best friend at a time™"

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Every year that passes brings us veterans who have served honorably. Since October 7, 2001, every year that passes also brings us veterans who have had their lives most recently jettisoned into new and unfamiliar territory. Despite the end of operation within Iraq, we must not forget about our courageous veterans still serving not only in Afghanistan but throughout the world.

While waiting for the much sought-after headlines stating the end of the war in Afghanistan as they have in Iraq, many attempt to find ways to assist those veterans who have come back from our most current and previous wars. They have done this in a way they hoped they never would. To become another helping hand to disabled veterans, SmokinPhotos® has, since 2007, raised money to donate to America's VetDogs® Veteran's K-9 Corps® through the official Pups for Patriots Project™.

America's VetDogs is an organization that, in short, provides guide, service, therapy, facility, and companion dogs to veterans so they might "live again with dignity and self-reliance whether they are visually impaired or have other special needs" (America's VetDogs® - Veteran's K-9 Corps® Brochure). Please follow the above link to learn more about their mission.

The act of supporting America's VetDogs® is due to myself, Michael J. Krifka, being a two time combat veteran (over 30 months total with 23 months inside Iraq) of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I first served in Iraq for 14 months out of a total deployment of 18 months with the 32nd MP CO (Wisconsin). It is a company that was home to over 150 troops which operated within sections of Baghdad (Al Adhamiya, Al Sha'ab, Rusafa, Sadr City, etc.). It is a company I grew up in and miss.

My second tour to Iraq took place from 2009 to 2010 and allowed the 855th MP CO (Arizona) to support the population of Sinjar, Bi'aj, Tal Afar, Mosul and surrounding areas.

Coming home with memories of bravery seen of my fellow soldiers and seeing those who fell victim, I strive to assist any veteran in need of a helping hand. I was fortunate to come home in the physical form in which I had left it; however, others were not as lucky. Despite the most recent improvements within our VA system, it is still a system that in my opinion financially struggles. Because of this, I see no need to limit further assistance. It is, after-all, the duty of a grateful nation to take care of those who have so honorably sworn to take care of it's citizens.

SmokinPhotos®, through the official Pups for Patriots Project™, will continue to provide a hand in assisting disabled veterans from all generations by donating 32% (honoring the 32nd MP CO) of the net proceeds from the sale of photography within the gallery to America's VetDogs®. However, it does not stop there. From 20% - 66.7% of the net proceeds from the sale of apparel, koozies and water bottles within The Shop will also be donated.

As the years pass I hope to continue to provide any amount of assistance to America's VetDogs® and I hope you will assist me in doing so.

Thank you.

- Michael J. Krifka

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"Whatever your problem may be, millions more have a problem that is 10 times worse than your own. So appreciate what you do not have.”

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"I must do something" will solve more problems than "something must be done.”

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quote   You guys should check them [SmokinPhotos®] out, awesome stuff and proceeds benefit America's VetDogs!"

by: America's VetDogs® - The Veteran's K-9 Corps®


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