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Painted Patriots™

A project aimed at bringing the viewer into the mindset of a select group of patriots. Continue to check here for updates as they become available.

What is this Project? It is kind of a secret but...

Looking at the photograph to the right will surely provide a great amount of information as to what Painted Patriots™ is all about. However, there are aspects to the project that will not be provided here; yet, not extremely well hidden. This project will take individuals across states, lakes, mountains, and oceans. Over four dozen individuals will take part and thousands of hours over more than a year will be spent to complete this project.

Continue to look for updates here, on Facebook, Twitter & Blogger as they become available.

How to Assist SmokinPhotos® Needing your support...

If you wish to become part of the select group of individuals to directly assist SmokinPhotos® in accomplishing this original project, please contact SmokinPhotos® for more detailed information. However, here is a little more info for you to grab hold of and show how much your assistance is needed and appreciated.

As stated above, SmokinPhotos® will be traveling for many miles to accomplish this project. To assist in the accomplishment, SmokinPhotos® is asking to hear from veterans who believe they have some rather exceptional tattoo work on their body. Realizing that "exceptional" can lead to vastly different types of work, it will be clarified that each submittion will be evaluated and graded for quality of such areas as shadding, color (gray scale as well) and overall flow of the piece(s). However, at no point will the subject matter be evaluated due to this being an area that cannot be evaluated but by the owner themselves and therefore, part of the story (no racially discriminative or other such subjects will be accepted). Not confident in your art; send it anyways so SmokinPhotos® can make that judgement. It would be terrible to miss some really good stories and work due to a lack of confidence.

There are a limited number of spots available throughout the country. If you would indeed like to get involved and be featured then act now. If you are a disabled veteran with exceptional tattoo work, SmokinPhotos® is especially looking for you and your name would be placed at the top of the respected list currently being created.

Upon contacting SmokinPhotos®, please provide your full name, age, contact number & email, clear photos of your work, branch of service (current or previous), and why you think you should be featured within the Painted Patriots™ project. From there, you will be contacted directly by Michael J. Krifka for further talks and details.

Thank you for your interest and SmokinPhotos® hopes to hear from you.


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October 21, 2010
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October 12, 2010
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What They Say... ?

quote   You guys should check them [SmokinPhotos®] out, awesome stuff and proceeds benefit America's VetDogs!"

by: America's VetDogs® - The Veteran's K-9 Corps®


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